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If you can find an older milsurp that was sportered by someone that knew what they were doing, and the price is right it will most likely do the job for minute of deer.

As far as if I were looking into a rifle for target shooting, and hunting on a limited budget I would look into the economy priced rifles.

I like milsurp rifles, and the utility they provide. However for most things I go with the modern rifles for hunting.

Here is a milsurp I worked in this past week. The only two things I did with it were to refinish the stock.(Finish was removed by the previous owner removing the cosmoline.) As well as drifting the front sight to be able so shoot it without the bayonette.

Here is a pic of the target I was sighting in with at 50 yards. 3 shots with steel cased Monarch 190 grain FMJ. (Target, and board got wet the day before so the holes look funny. Two were touching the third not far away.) Shot from a sand bag.

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