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The rockchucker supreme is a really good set-up to help you get started. Be prepared to spend 3-4 times the cost to get properly equipped so that you stand a better chance of enjoying to reload your own ammunition, especially if you are planning on reloading multiple calibers.
The cost estimate that I am talking about includes brass, powder, multiple die sets for the common calibers such as 5.56, 9mm, 45acp and maybe 6.8 or 308. If you use any military brass, you will need a tool like the dillon super swager to remove the primer crimp...I believe in the buy once, cry once method of acquiring stuff. I like to spend the extra dollars to buy the tools to make reloading enjoyable, and I think that you will realize that you need more tools than what you get with the $350 rockchucker supreme kit.
Right now, it is difficult to locate primers and powder, and you will find it worthwhile to stock up a bit when the components become available so you can go shooting when you want to without waiting on inventory to become available, this of course increases the start-up costs that you have to consider when thinking about starting to reload.
No matter the cost, reloading is very satisfying. Another bonus to reloading is that you will probably end up shooting more often, so don't start reloading thinking that you are going to save money. Over the long run, you will shoot more, spend more money, and no doubt you will improve your shooting skills. What's not to like about reloading?
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