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Gun Talk Interview - T Minus 6 Kickstarter Update

Today, Tom Gresham on “Gun Talk Radio” out of Louisiana interviewed me regarding the film. This was quite an honor as Tom’s show is the most syndicated radio program dealing with firearms and hunting sports in America.

This interview came about because of the help of Gordon Hutchinson whom I met in Baton Rogue last December. Gordon is the author of “ The Great New Orleans Gun Grab” and showed us around Nola and introduced us to many of the victims of Katrina and the resulting gun grab by NOPD and regional/national law enforcement - real interesting interviews that will be part of the film.

After we departed New Orleans, Gordon reached out to Tom and told him about our film, so when I contacted to Tom on Thursday asking if he had time in his show to talk about Assaulted, he immediately responded with a “yes”. I know Tom’s positive reaction was due in part to Gordon’s actions. Thank you, Gordon.

You can hear the interview here

Six days to go! Please keep the pressure on your friends and remember to “double and match”.

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