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^^ Thanks. S&W is not as responsive, but the Ruger story does not surprise me. I had a Ruger .22 rust after a fishtank cracked in the middle of the night, flooding a carpeted area, and my .22 was hidden under a bean bag chair and was not found for a few days (this was college days in the 70's). I sent it to Ruger with a letter describing my poverty, and in 4 weeks got back what I thought was a new pistol and a request to send $15.00 when I had excess funds available. hey had refinished it to NEW and sent it back FREE to me, with a note asking for payment "when possible".

Good service is rare... this was above and beyond.

I'm not sure how Ruger is now, Bill is dead and with him... well...

Corncob media is a good tip too. Thanks.


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