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Wow. I've heard some of that before, but never in that much detail.
I left a lot out. What's there is a very short version. Google "Colt and the Zilkha Group" and you can see a good deal more.

The boycott against Colt after it's President denounced "gun nuts" and the debacle of the smart gun really lasted for years. It hurt their overall income and caused them to jettison guns that were not selling well.

Colt did not have the money to advertise in the gun mags for several years from about 2000 to 2011. This hurt them. Some magazines simply did not review new Colt guns for years. The rumor was spread that Colt was out of business or had gone bankrupt. The rumor was deliberately spread. Look in the archives here or on the 1911 forums etc. under "What happened to Colt?" or "I heard Colt closed" threads.

And Colt discontinued the majority of their old DA revolver line in 1986. We have seen what labor unions can do to companies. Hostess is one of the more recent examples.
They did not drop the majority of the line in 86. That was gradual. It was also the case that Colt management desired a strike and provoked it. Court records proved this. While the union leadership and demands for pay and benefits may have played a role it was only one factor in what happened. The owners of Colt like the owners of Hostess bear the major part of the burden.

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