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Was in the Rapid City SD Cabala's and Scheels yesterday to get some #10 percussion caps for my cap 'n ball revolver and didn't see where things were getting anywhere close to normal.

No ARs, and few other rifles and pistols, at Scheels I ask them if they were selling display cases because they had a lot of empty ones.

No 22s, not primers (except shotgun), limited powder selection. There seem to be 9mms and 357s, no 38s, didn't check the prices, I reload that stuff anyway.

It was kind of funny, the wife glances at the empty racks and display cases and tells the clerk "My husband has more guns they you guys" adding "glad he got his collection early"

Little does she know "I ain't done yet" I have a Model 70 target rifle coming from the CMP Auctions and an action and parts coming to build a M1903A4.

22s is what bothers me, I have enough for the summer's matches but not enough to practice. Who'd of thought I'd be practicing with HP rifles and pistols for my 22 shooting.
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