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cool, right now the only supplies i have are 1000 large pistol primers about 1/4lb powder and 150 pieces of brass for each caliber, so i need to buy brass anyway so will prob just buy factory ammo till i get to around 500rds each unless i find some brass for sale. have never actually loaded a round in my life but have all the stuff right now to load about (heres where you laugh at me) 20 rds of 45acp. but i have been taking it slow, reading, reading, watching youtube videos, reading again. want to do this right as most of the times when i shoot my 2 kids ages 6 yr old boy and 9yr old girl are with me out in the middle of nowhere. and i dont want anything to happen to me shooting bad ammo and the kids cant help or have something odd happen and instead of me the shooter of the reload one of the kids get hurt.
so i might me over paranoid or carefull but want everyone to have fun and no injuries
9mm Luger:

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