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I don't know of any issues with Lee's customer service. At least I haven't had any. Don't forget that the great customer service you get with RCBS and Dillon is paid for in the price up front.
I've heard about Lees iffy warranty several times, and read a thread (On CastBoolitforums IIRC) where Richard Lee himself joined in the discussion about Lee equipment where someone was complaining about being turned down on a warranty issue with their Lee equipment, and basically showed his ass. He was rude and argumentative and didn't want to honor the mans warranty issue. I don't think he ever did. I've no irons in the fire with Lee and no reason to lie. They make a couple things I use but nothing big. I use one of their FCDs (with the carbide ring removed) and their dippers.

You may pay a little more for RCBS stuff, but if they have no BS warranty and no added frustration from down time, then it's worth it in my book.
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