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168 Grain bullet seated to max OAL according to Spear, <3.295>,
Yea that's definitely an issue... My hornady manual doesn't have an OAL for ANY bullet longer than 3.220...... But beyond that, the data you looked at was for a speer bullet, and you used a remington bullet, not a crime in itself, but if you are doing a bullet substitution, you should ALWAYS look at multiple sources and compare. If possible find a bullet that closly matches 9in shape and construction) what you are using. The rem cor-lokt is pretty similar to a hornady #3040 soft point, which in my hornady manual has a COL of 3.210.....

As you found, if the bullets your data is made for have a long ogiv, and the bulles you use have a short ogive, you will run into problems....

I am curious where you got your data.
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