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Benelli chokes versus Remington chokes

Gentlemen and Ladies, apologies in advance if this question has been frequently asked - I could not locate an answer with a search.

I recently traded in a Remington 1100 on a Benelli M2 tactical shotgun.

I was able to shoot rifled slugs through Remington barrel that had a #4 - Improved Cylinder choke, without any apparent damage to the choke. In fact, the Owners Manual specifically states that the Remington 1100 offers superior accuracy when running slugs through the #4 choke.

The Benelli came with #1 Full, #3 Modified, and #4 Improved Cylinder chokes. But the FAQ on the website cautions that slugs should only be fired through the #5 Open Cylinder choke.

I've not yet been able to locate a Benelli #5 choke, and hence would like to ask any who are more experienced with Benelli's the following questions:

Why is it that Remington advises firing slugs through #4 Improved Cylinder chokes but Benelli only recommends running slugs through #5 Open Cylinder chokes? Is there that much difference between Remington and Benelli chokes?

Has anyone with more Benelli experience fired slugs through the #4 choke, and if so, was there any significant variation in accuracy between using the #4 versus the #5 Benelli chokes?

Thanks in advance for responses.

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