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Another option for new, in your price range, is a CzechPoint 22LR revolver. They have two models, one in 4" ($292 +s/h) and the other in 6" ($298 +s/h). They have full underlugs and are basically a Smith and Wesson clone. Might be worth checking into.

I see they are currently out of stock, perhaps you can contact them to see when they will be back in stock. I do not own one, but I have read that they are decent and any problems that may arise, there is a gentleman named Dan that is very nice to deal with.


I have read that "CzechPoint" is just the importer and the actual maker is "Alpha Proj" , located in the Czech Republic. Some research says that they are generally thought of as decent firearms.

Link the Alpha Proj:

Picture of the 4"

Worth a look I think. I know that I have been considering one (.38 sp or .357), that is why I was doing the research. I have been also looking at lower priced alternatives due to the crazy prices lately.

I just thought I would throw it out there, because I also like the full underlug look
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