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Where many have turned this into "What is your criteria to choose a CCW or HD firearm", I believe the question was about how do you determine that a gun that you have already decided to purchase is ready for duty.

How Do You Decide A Gun Is Worthy To Be A Carry Weapon.
For a new firearm, I turn to run about 300-400rds through it without any hiccups before carrying it. I was wondering what criteria others use to determine that a particular firearm is carry worthy.
I don't call it break in, but rather shake down. 100 rounds of FMJ range ammo, then try several candidates for carry rounds. With no malfunctions, the most accurate of the carry rounds is chosen, then another 20-50 rounds are fired to make sure. So it is probably around 200 or so total rounds before I feel confident to carry a particular firearm.
My CCW firearms have all been semi-autos so far, and I don't thimk it will be necessary to shoot my new LCR quite that much to "prove" it. But will probably do so anyway just 'cause I like to shoot!
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