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What makes Mutton Tallow better?

Back in my Buckskinner days when working with Mutton Tallow, I recall reference to it's properties and what made it better than others. I recall that it should come from internal fat or suet as opposed to external fats. Also that it had the highest melting point of any tallow. So, I went looking and found the reference to internal fat but so far, nothing about the higher melting point. ..

Typically, tallow starts with the extraction of suet from a carcass. Suet is hard fat found in the neighborhood of the kidneys and around some other organs. While suet can be used as-is, rendering it removes the impurities and also extends the shelf life. Once suet is rendered, it becomes tallow. As long as it is stored in an airtight container in a cool environment, it can keep for an extended period of time, unlike suet, which will become rancid.
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