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13.1 grns of AA9 with a 125 GDHP is a mild load according to my notes. It is not that hot actually.

13.1 grns of aa9 with a 125 Speer tmj does 1361 out of my 229 sport, 12.0 grns does 1240

As a comment, scanning my reloading data, I tend to load most of my data with 13.1 grns of AA9 with a 124/125 grn bullet of some type. All of the chrono data is right around 1350 to 1370.

I consider it a pretty fun plinking load. Nothing really hot. AA9 is my standard power for the sig and I have now shot over 10,111 rounds of the stuff. AA9 is great because it does not compress and you basically seat the bullet in the powder so no setback worries. I bought 4 more lbs of AA9 about 2 weeks back just to load more sig. I am currently "out".
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