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I find that grip is the single most important fundamental of pistol shooting. A good grip allows you to manage recoil better, allowing you to have faster followup shots. And with a good grip, and enough practice, you wont need sights to put a round where you want it, given a reasonable distance.

I get the gun back on target quickly enough but it takes too long for me to reacquire my sight picture. I have to let the sights "settle" longer than I'd like.
Your biggest problem is you are focusing too much on aligning your sights perfectly, unless you are bullseye shooting, it is not entirely necessary. Also you always want to focus on the front sight when shooting, don't get so caught up in getting the front and rear sight aligned absolutely perfectly, with enough practice that wont even matter.

I agree with srtolly1 when he says sights are overrated.

Best thing you can do is get a .22 pistol if you don't already have one and practice, practice, practice.
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