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I don't have a particular problem with the S&W lock other than I don't like it. But operationally, I have never had a problem.

You're starting out and appear to want a revolver. I would look for a sligthly used S&W M617 or M17, or M18 which are 22LR's and go from there. Nothing wrong at all with a new M617 and if you go that route, I prefer the 4".

Colt Python's are fine guns, but not the end of the world. Many actually prefer Smiths. If you are thinking 357 mag, the S&W M686 is a very good choice or the larger framed M27. The 686 is about the same size as a Python which is why I brought it up.

Do not dismiss the Ruger GP-100 without actually looking at one. They are real nice guns.

The Ruger Mark II/III and 22/45's are excellent 22 semi-auto pistols with their 10-round mags. Somehow, I expect 22's to be excluded from the 7-round limit, but maybe it is just wishful thinking on my part.

I like Glocks. I feel sure they will be sold with the 10-round mags as before and you can just load 7 in them. Frankly, I often only loaded 8 in the 10 round mags anyway.

Check out the Ruger lineup of pistols. They have some good ones in 9mm and 40 S&W.
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