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“How does one measure taper. When the die is set up to push the shoulder back only 0.002 the die does not take in all of the case. much of the web is left outside so i really wouldn't be surprised if it is the web dimensions after firing.”

“i really wouldn't be surprised if it is the web dimensions after firing”

‘IT’ as being the diameter of the case head, the shell holder has a deck height of .125”, then there is the radius at the opening of the die, THEN! there is case head protrusion of the chamber, most Mausers have a case head protrusion of .110, 03 and A3s have a case head protrusion if .090 when measured from the bottom of the extractor cut. To upset the case head as in shortening the case head by would require heavy loads or case hammering as in slide and glide shooting, slide and glide is accomplished by lubing the case/chamber for what ever reason.

Not easy to measure case diameter with a ruler as Bart B. suggested, not easy to measure the diameter with a micrometer, again, as Bart B. suggested.

I have no clue as in helping, I have 6.5mm55 barrels, dies and cases and new unfired commercial ammo.

If all I had was a press, die and shell holder with fired cases I would neck the cases up with total disregard to neck splitting, annealing helps, I would neck the 6.5 cases up then size the cases with a new shoulder, I would adjust the die off the shell holder .010” to start with when sizing, then I would progressively reduce the gap between the die and shell holder while sizing, I would continue until the case chambered. Not easy to accomplish with fired cases because of the resistance to being sized, again, annealing helps.

No I do not feel compelled to use the cases for loading, I would mark the cases after determining the length of the case from the head of the case to the shoulder for future reference.

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