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Thanks to the information passed on by posters here at this Forum, I weighed all the options on paper first and then went out and handled the 12's and the 20's and really asked myself "How limited am I ?"
The semi autos were long and heavy (with Mag extensions) and once you hang all the goodies on them , they REALLY got HEAVY! Pumps were just a tad lighter but there was still the length and weight to contend with.
I looked into 12 Ga doubles and BINGO! the weight was manageable!
I then considered my Wife and recoil. Me too as I have a bad sholder and the 20 Ga started looking pretty good!
Short 20 Gauge BBLS really lightened the guns and recoil again reared it's uglu head. Don't want too much recoil!
I found a nice Stoger SxS 20 Ga Uplander with 26" tubes( Just an inch shorter than a 20" BBL 870) and the weight is a bit over 6 lbs and the controlability of the longer barrels and the additional power made sense!
I brokered a heck of a deal! $200 so I figgured why not give her a try? This might be the ideall shotgun for HD for us!
Gonna go test fire it later todaay, Can't wait!
Will report back and see if I chose right?
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