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Custom airguns and antiques are pretty pricey! Usually a Guy like Dennis Quackenbush puts his heart and soul into each custom and it SHOWS!
Production rifles like the RWS 45 (there were 3 different Model 45's) are generally very good the higher quality ones preform as stated (thru a tree Rat!) and do so for decades if cared for, Generations sometimes!
Your inital investment into a precision Airgun is sorta high but you get what you pay for. Inexpensive imports (Like some Asian rifles) need work before even firing a shot! SO what do you really save with those?
Buy Spanish, German, Turkish, British and you will generally get a good rifle. All have been in the gun business for centuries.
The joy of a precision air rifle is that you can shoot in more populated areas or closer to populated areas without disturbing others. Range and richoet are lessened and in several States you can hunt legally with one (Like California!)
Power and precision levels are high enough to deliver super accurate and adequate Vitals hits and humanely take game and Varmits.
Just another "tool" that the shooter can add to his/her battery of arms.
Shooting for fun or for food, a Precision airgun will deliver!
Several types of powerplants are available to shoot with. Spring, Precharged Pneumatic and CO2 are the most popular, though there are Gas rams that replace springs and several good "tuners' can extract maximum preformance from your rifle! Even left "stock" they are pretty impressive!!!
Just wanted to open folks eyes to another fun facet of the shooting world...
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