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I struggled with this analysis for a year. I'm a revolver guy--from way back. I've never liked autos. I like shiney silver wheel guns. So, when I got my CCW permit, I went straight for the revolvers.

But, when I finally made my decision, I bought an automatic. My choice was the Beretta Nano. For me, it all came down to thinness. After sticking countless revolvers and autos in my waistband, my pockets and under my shoulder, thin autos won the day.

I'm no ballistics authority and caliber choice was secondary. I felt that I'd be comfortable with anything from .380 to 9mm to .38spc. But, a comfortable carry was vital. The Nano is not a lightweight, but it's thin and tucks away nicely. For me, it was #1-comfort and #2-everything else.
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