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Originally Posted by Zachary H.
Although a little out of your price range, I would suggest the Ruger SP101. They retail for about $550 and are about as solid as the rock of Gibraltar.

In the revolver world it is hard a good wheelgun new in your price range.
I looked at the SP101 in .22, mostly because I love the looks of the 4" GP100, however t appears the .22 has a half lug. I know it's irrational but I think a half lug on a revolver looks hideous, it looks like the factory didn't finish making it before they shipped it.

Since this is my first handgun most of the extra money that would go towards what I really want is being sunk into fingerprinting and licensing fees as well as safety equipment, storage and join fees for a gun club. I may just wait around and see if I get lucky on a pre-owned Dan Wesson or S&W.
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