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As to when (or if) the shortages will end, we may get a glimmer in the State of the Nation address next week.
It would be foolhardy to expect any substantive change in the President's rhetoric.

He has been an anti-gunner his entire life, waiting for the "perfect" opportunity to push his agenda.

Fortunately for us, and despite his willingness and desire to impose HIS will and circumvent the Constitution at every opportunity, there remains the Senate and House of Representatives. Even the Senate, despite what you might read, has a number of Democratic Senators from more "rural" states that would never go on board with anything as extreme as another AWB. I almost wish they would- then kill any such Bill in the House.

The Senate and the House of Representatives are the lawmakers, it is up to the President to sign Bills into law, or veto them...
The President was never intended to be a "lawmaker" proposing legislation by our Founders- a fact that seems to be lost to the man currently occupying the Oval Office.
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