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njsportsman, I am also looking at getting into reloading and I don't think any newbe can call himself a handloader until he gets some experience, just like someone taking up a trade.

I have been doing a lot of reading on forums and at first I was going to start with a Dillon 650. After reading a lot of posts I decide a turret press would be better to start and grow on. I can use it like a single until I get experience, have the capability to load faster with experience and also load rifle rounds.

The main reason that I am buying one now is because of the price of 45 colt and the availability of ammo. I don't shoot more than 200 rounds a month so it will take awhile to pay for itself if ever. That's the reason I choose the Lee Classic Turret Kit from Midway for $194.99 to start with. They are on backorder now so until I get it I will be reading The ABC's of reloading, Lyman #49 and Modern Reloading by richard Lee, it comes in the kit. Also I will keep reading this forum.
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