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I use an old Dillion RL 1000 which has a cyclical rate of 1800 rounds pre hour.

It don't. Sure if you're talking about just pulling the handle you can exceed that. But every now and then I have to stop and reload the powder reservoir and primer tube.

Then some cased slow you down in the sizing department. Its much easier to size a 38 case with a carbide sizer die then, lets say a 30-06 round which takes a bit more work sizing.

Even 357s and 9mms slow you down a bit, because of the pressures of those rounds being fired, they require a bit more sizing pressure, that slows you down. Low pressure shells like 38s and 45 ACPs don't expand the cases as much so they are faster to load.

I count my rounds per hour or sustained rate by primer count or how many 100 pack of primers I go through in an hour. That's the bottle neck, filling the primer tube.

With 38s, I can get an easy 800 round per hour. Faster if I push it and pay attention. With something along the '06, I'm lucky if I can get 200 per hour.

To be honest you have to add your prep time. The time it takes to get your bullets, cases, primers, powder, etc lined up to start reloading.

And of course jams do happen.

Also when loading you have to take into account the bullet casting, bullet cooling, lube and sizing.
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