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Well said, FALPhil. You got to the heart of this recent buying panic with truth not anger and untruth. As to when (or if) the shortages will end, we may get a glimmer in the State of the Nation address next week.

At my local stores I also see lots of shotgun and varmint ammo but little 5.56 and common rifle/handgun calibers. I have seen .308 and 30.06 though at Walmart. The shortage of .22lr really surprises me.

I'm glad I stocked up last year, I expected shortages after the election just like after 2008. Many of us did, though we couldn't have foreseen the extent of it until the tragedy at Sandy Hook. I'm surprised so many were caught completely off guard by shortages after reelection of a president who wants to ban all gun ownership by the average American citizen. History does repeat itself.
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