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Originally Posted by Screwball
I still can't stand MidwayUSA for their policy on handgun ammo and NJ... and more so that they never setup a system to download a FID card to allow sales. That has been going on for almost five years. In regards to [all] ammo, Brownells, Cabelas, and others that will ship to me will get my business (even AIM Surplus will sell to NJ with your FID on file).

Still an ok company... being I saved a few dollars on an order due to my birthday coming up.
I feel your pain, as of January 2014 I won't be able to order any ammo anymore. Midway isn't sure if they are going to continue shipping components to NY after that either, they're still researching the new law to see if it's legal.

Originally Posted by Palmetto-Pride
Hell Kimbers are made in NY and as far as I know they won't sell them in NY. I don't blame some company's for not wanting to sell to states with BS gun laws all it will take is for some jack ass to use it in a crime and then next thing you know that state is bringing a lawsuit against them for selling to a person in there state.
This must be a new policy due to the new law. I haven't heard anything about it, they were sold in NY before the new law was passed.

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