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You have to adjust your rifle so that you are not under excessive strain when shooting prone.

This takes time and takes the proper equipment.

Both of these rifles are Anschutz small bore rifle which are used in small bore prone matches.

This one is an old style of stock from the 80’s. This is a vast improvement over the old non adjustable marksman stocks of the 50’s and middle 60’s. If you notice the cheekpiece is adjustable and the buttplate is adjustable for length.

I have noticed that having the cheekpiece off by just ¼” to 3/8” adversely effects my score.

This is an Anschutz action in a modern Eliseo tube stock. This stock is adjustable up and down, out and in, and you can rotate the buttplate in a circle to adjust for cant. Notice all the cheekpiece and buttplate adjustments.

The guys who have these stocks take a lot of time fidgeting with the things to get repeatable cheek/stock welds and to adjust them for their position. I cannot pick up someone else’s rifle and have the scope in focus, the trigger pull distance is all weird, I am too close to the sights, or too far, hand stop is off, and so is the cheekpiece height.

I am going to suggest that if you want to become an excellent prone shooter try small bore prone with a CMP Kimber 82G. You only get to the stock adjustment part of the game after a year or two of shooting and hitting a plateau with your scores. By then you are sorting out the issues of too tight a sling, just where your elbow should be, why the group moved when you moved the buttplate out on your shoulder, up/down when you moved the buttplate up and down on your shoulder, and why your groups went down and to the left when you hit the trigger too hard. You will see groups move with leg shifts, you will see groups move if you do anything. After seeing enough patterns of inaccuracy you will stop doing that and then you will need a stock you can adjust to your body.
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