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Originally Posted by Nasty View Post
Bersas are not lower end...just lower cost. They don't have huge advertising budgets or overhead.

Awesome firearms...period.
Agreed, if I didn't trust the Thunder .380 I wouldn't have given one to my wife as her every day carry. They are well made reliable and easy to shoot. She was putting all the rounds in an 8" target from 10 yards on day one.

She had only shot a pistol once before when she was a little girl. After some safe handling and proper form/grip instruction and lots of scenario practice, I now know she is able to put up a fight.

Edited to add: Never a hiccup with any ammo we tried. We have had this gun for 6 years and I know it's easily had 700 rounds through it though honestly I haven't kept count. I do know we have shot up a 500 count bag of bullets I got from Midway and loaded up plus several boxes of different sd rounds we bought to try out. We settled on Hornady critical defense.

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