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Originally Posted by The Baron
Also why do they consider a barrel shroud a bad thing, or a fore-grip? Do they have reasons why these would be considered bad?
Those things are scary. So they want to ban 'em.

Originally Posted by SamNavy
As much as I hate to admit it, and as much as I will continue to be vocally against it... I think the probability of FTF sales going away at the federal level is coming. The propoganda machine of the "gunshow loophole", no matter how it's marketed, makes a compelling argument to the average American.
That's why we've got to get out there, get on FB, get on MySpace and educate the public. We've got to write our congressfolks, and do it yesterday. A month ago, an AWB looked like a real possibility, but it's never been able to gain any traction. I think UBCs can be stopped, but we're not going to accomplish that by posting where nobody but a bunch of gun owners is gonna see it. We've got to get the word out to the folks that vote on these things.
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