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Back in the day I accumulated a lot of stuff, but always had the RCBS Jr press.
RCBS powder measure, RCBS Chargemaster throws into a scale, Lyman balance scale, RCBS case trimmer, Pacific inside/outside deburring tool, dies, funnel, loading block, RCBS trickler, dial caliper, primer arm for the press that never worked, flash hole deburring tool, case lube stuff, kinetic bullet puller (used it several times after finding a test batch of cartridges to be a tad too hot), primer pocket brushes and reamers. Some things I've made, like the slit cases for finding distance to lands, and such.

Probably forgot something. Obviously not all of that is used anymore. I'm fortunate to have a dedicated area for this stuff with a hand made very heavy wooden bench. The room is tiny but I might paint a window on the wall in front of me .

Oh yea, the measure that drops in sequence: not infinitely adjustable? How to I get my desired charge? With low density loading a couple of tenths makes a substantial difference.

I hate handling primers and if the primer dispenser really works on this one I would have it for sure. It sounds like I need to buy those seperately.

If the

I find that I need to clean the primer pockets for seating consistency, and to avoid the occasional high/flush primer. I don't suppose there is any way to do that other than the batch system. What say ye?

Regarding the measures, I think I understand that the perfect powder measure is equivilent to my RCBS table mount measure, but the "auto disc" is the name of the measure that drops charges automatically? Is that right?

I have an almost religious procedure of looking into a block full of charged cases to confirm that they are all evenly filled. For moderate pressure loading I might tear myself away from that, but for high pressure stuff you would need to convince me that dropped charges are equally safe and consistant. (I remember shooting next to BR guys who loaded at the shooting bench, and they always dropped charges and shot sub 1/4 moa. Go figure. I've always used 0.2 gr error as a maximum tolerance. I wonder how consistent my favorite factory ammo is loaded. I'm pretty sure they don't loving lean over their loading blocks and trickel out that last kernel by hand.

I say these things as if I was a current loader, but as I said I'm just starting up again, and not too cocky about knowing everything like I used to be.
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