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Originally Posted by Pilot View Post
What do you mean? Nothing to add? No comment?

Or do you mean you only like the polymer guns the gunstore likes to sell you? Anything constructive to add?

Pilot, some people like going into a thread and saying the opposite of whatever everyone else is saying in an non-constructive manner just to jerk people chains. Most of the time they don't even have real time with what they're going against. Just doing it for attention. You really think if he has time with a BHP and really had an issue he'd just say "nothing."? And now he'll probably make something up as a response or laugh at this and not respond at all cause its true.


Mine have been flawless. Both of them. With the magazines from the 80's. One was from my pops. The other from his brother, my uncle. Both are now heirlooms and shooters. But aren't carried.

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