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How to improve speed while maintaining accuracy with semi-auto pistols?

At the range, I'm getting pretty good while shooting slow. Sight picture, trigger press, grip, stance, ive got those things down well enough to shoot good...slowly. I want to get faster, so some of these skills that I've got down good enough to shoot slow, I need to improve to shoot fast.

What are some drills that I can do to increase speed while maintaining the accuracy?

I get the gun back on target quickly enough but it takes too long for me to reacquire my sight picture. I have to let the sights "settle" longer than I'd like. Typically, is this a grip issue? Stance?

I am committed to improving my fundamentals and not seeking out the "perfect" gun or dumping a bunch of money into mine. I have the ammo and have access to a great range. I want to make my range time count and am looking for good YouTube videos, drills, books, online resources and tips you've picked up over the years to use while training to achieve my goal of being fast and accurate.
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