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Try upgrading to the Lee Pro 1000, it's a economical version of a progressive
lee pro 1000 is to small for 30-06. Its based off the deluxe turret, and believe me, it wont do a 30-06 without some finagling. I do them on mine, but I have to remove the cartridge from the press to rotate it to the crimp die once the bullet is inserted, which wont really work in a progressive....

In any case, from the sounds of it, he doesn't shoot enough to justify the PITA that is a progressive press.... A lee classic turret is big enough to load all his calibers, plus you have a spot for a 4th die, which can be handy for a separate crimp die, or a powder cop.

On my deluxe turret I can load 50 pistol rounds in 10 min, or 50 rifle rounds in 20, without really hurrying. From sit down to back away from table with a full box can be done easily in 20-30 min regardless of caliber, (if you don't count the few min it takes to dial in the powder charge on the dispenser for rifle rounds.... I really need to pick up a few more perfect powder measures and dedicate one to each rifle caliber....
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