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I've carried N-Frames, L-Frames and J-Frames. My current three CCW handguns in California are a S&W 329PD (N-Frame), S&W 3913 (compact pistol 9mm), and a M&P 340 (J-Frame .357 magnum).

I have and do carry each of these at various times, under various circumstances. I have carried them in hip holster, cross draw holster, shoulder holster, belly band, camera case on belt, ankle holster and pocket holster. The one I like best and use in urban carry is the J-Frame in a pocket holster. Hands down it is the most comfortable and useful for me.

Years ago I carried a S&W 629 6-1/2" revolver in a shoulder holster, or a S&W 627PC in a cross draw, or belly band, and a S&W 4" 686 in a belly band, or hip holster. However these were certainly not the most comfortable, or best for urban carry, but I did do it a few times until I got lighter more compact guns.

For me the #1 method is a J-Frame in the pocket, as if I get uncomfortable I can put my hand in my pocket without being accused of brandishing. You will need to decide under what conditions you will carry a gun and what you will most likely be wearing. I suspect like most you will end up with more than one handgun and a box full of holsters. You will develop your own personal methodology.

I went with revolvers simply because the semi has too light as trigger pull and I'd sure hate to put one down my leg, or into my arm pit, or stomach because of poor trigger discipline. Start with what you are most comfortable with and shoot well.

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