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Latest Range Trip

I think I am making some progress with my aim. Recent range trip target posted below. This was 18 shots from my high standard double nine at about 10 yards. I still have a couple that flew, but most were pretty close to where I was aiming.

I had thought I would like these targets, and that it would make it easier to see where I had hit with the target down range. It did make that a little more obvious, but that was offset by the fact the targets had a lot of glare from the overhead lights.


I am not nearly as good with my Sig 1911-22. It's fun to shoot, but no where near as accurate (or maybe forgiving) as that old High Standard. I am also getting a lot of failure to feed and failure to eject with the cheap Remington rimfire ammo. I will be glad when I have used it all up. I don't have those problems with the Blazer or CCI ammo that I have purchased.

I also had an ejection, that ended up going down the front of my t-shirt. When they say hot lead, they aren't joking.
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