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I want to mention something. In California during WWII some people of italian decent had their weapons seized for the duration of the war. It was not just the Japanese. The only difference was the Italians were not interned. My great grandfather could not even keep his single shot 12 guage which was returned after the war because he was born in Italy. He had been a U.S. citizen since before 1920. My grandfather who was born here was allowed to keep his guns.

Are gun owners the new Jews?

Jews were used as a scapegoat by hitler to blaime for the ills of germany and give people a focus for their hate and anger. People hate what happend in Newton. They are angry that this could happen and are taking their frustration out on a group that the government has turned into public enemy #1 (gun owners). While this is not "racial", the parallels are there.... It can't be the government's fault for establishing "gun free zones" and taking away peoples right to defend themselves. It must be those gun nutz fault...

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