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Sorry to say but I have had a problem with them. I have had many well-handled orders from them over the years, but then in early January I ordered powder for reloading. The website had it listed as "in stock" and they mentioned that it ships directly from the manufacturer (Winchester -- Hodgdon in this case). I placed my order and got Larry's chipper email message about how quickly he likes to get product shipped out, etc. Said it could be 2 days due to the spike in demand. OK. Right away they charged my credit card. Did not just put a pending charge on the card; they processed the charge and it posted to my account. Then, nothing. No product delivered to me. No shipping details. Nothing. When I inquired, they said it takes 4 weeks for the manufacturer to generate a tracking number, and then 1 1/2 more weeks for the items to actually ship out from the manufacturer. Meanwhile, they have collected money from my credit card account. Well, here we are, beyond the 4 weeks and still no tracking number. When I inquired to customer service about cancelling my order and getting a refund, since they still can not say when I will even get the tracking number (that supposedly comes 1 1/2 weeks before the items leave the manufacturer), they replied that they could not guarantee that the order could be canceled. Well, Federal law requires that the items ship in 30 days or less if the credit card has been charged, or a full refund must be given upon request.

At the same time that I was ordering from Midway, I also ordered powder from Natchez, as well as items from DSA and from R Guns. Natchez took about 3 weeks to ship the powder, but they did not charge the credit card until the items were on the way. R Guns took a few weeks, too, and did not charge the credit card until after the items were on the way. I got the stuff from DSA a few weeks after I ordered it, and a few days BEFORE the credit card charge was posted to my account. Only Midway charged my card for items that they knew were not going to ship for at least 4 weeks (by their estimate -- and here we are more than 4 weeks later and still the items have not shipped). That is REALLY POOR SERVICE.

As Larry Potterfield is fond of saying, AND, THAT'S THE WAY IT IS...


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