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I'm not really sure how well you could convince gun control proponents of that concept...
Those who have made up their minds can not be convinced. But there are many who have not made up their minds.

The information in the first post can be used to:

1. Silence those who are only parrotting a question they've heard others ask and who are expecting to get no response.

2. Convince those who haven't made up their mind.

3. Demonstrate that there is a rational reason based on realistic situations for having more than 10 rounds.

As I said before, this won't end the debate, and that's not why I posted it. I posted it because it's always better to be able to answer a question intelligently than to respond with silence and a blank look.

There is no magic bullet and no magic shield. Just as in the world of weapons and countermeasures, when someone develops a weapon, a countermeasure to defend against it usually isn't too far behind and a new weapon that defeats that countermeasure will be on the horizon. But that doesn't mean it's pointless to develop countermeasures--in fact it's critical to do so.
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