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Fire_Moose says he is interested in a .308 caliber bolt action sporter. Such a rifle is almost certainly not going to have any throat erosion. It takes many rounds, mostly rapid fire, to create TE, and the possibility of a sporter being fired that way is about zero. The same is true of corrosion. There have been a few makes of .308 (7.62x51) with corrosive primers, all (AFAIK) military. Again, the possibility of primer-caused corrosion is about nil.

There are many used bolt action sporters in .308 from Remington, Savage, Winchester, Weatherby and Ruger, plus many more from foreign makers.

One you get into military surplus rifles, in calibers like the .303 British and 8mm Mauser, then rusted out barrels, throat erosion, muzzle wear, etc., become real possibilities.

Jim K
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