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Well, here's an update.
I took my 629 back over to the dealer I bought it from and talked to them about it. He took it out and shot it to see for himself what it does. He shot it and said it made his left ear ring and didn't bother his right ear at all. Just like me. He said it sounds like all the noise is on the left side and none on the right.
They talked it over with their supplier, who also has a lifetime warranty of their own, seperate from S&W. They told my dealer to send my gun to them and they would send it to S&W and tell them to take it all apart and find what's wrong. In the meantime, if they get another new one in before they get mine back they will just trade me, otherwise we will see how it is when Smith is done with it. If not fixed they will replace it themselves.
I really can't say enough good about my dealer, S.O.S. Pawn in Newport, WA., or his supplier, Davidson's Inc. for the way they have treated me and went to bat for me over this gun. Couldn't ask for more.
Just wanted to let everyone that has been trying to help me figure this out know what is going on.
I'll post the outcome when it's taken care of.
Thanks everyone.
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