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Heck, the stuff has spam cans of the real stuff available. But I may be one of the few guys that not only has the Lee dies, but an actual RCBS 7.62 Nagant SHELLHOLDER (No longer in production) . The Lee dies use a 32-20 shellholder and they do NOT fit on the used hotshot commercial brass I use. The rim of the brass is too thick for the Lee shellholder. As to the guy who says that he takes a real round of 7.62 Nagant and uses it to set his dies for a like original round crimp, I need to see if that is good for the Lee dies, since they use a shorter case and disable the gas seal function. I know that the bullet seater plug from the Lee set won't even seat the bullet deep enough without some modifications. I wonder if he has the old RCBS die set? (also no longer in production)
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