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Not sure how your mag tube (mt) is installed so I will use mine and you can modify accordingly. Before you remove the mag tube, note where the barrel engages the receiver mounts. We'll start with the mt screwed out of the receiver. Take a moment and clean the mt. Wipe the threads of the mt clean as well as the receiver threads that the mt goes into. Run a light oil on a barrel wipe thru the mt then use one of those auto store blue paper roll sheets and wipe out the mt. Then lightly wipe the spring down with one of those REM wipes by simply passing thru the inside and light wipe on the outside. Then lightly wipe that off as well. Don't leave oil residue in there cause it will get all over the shells. You are only making sure there is corrosive protection. Now place a little 30 weight motor oil on a white cleaning pad used for cleaning the barrel and wipe the threads of the mt that will screw into the receiver. It makes it easier to remove later since it handles the heat better than gun oil. Insert the spring in the mt, place the magazine follower (mf - chrome widget that covered the spring that went into the receiver) on the spring and push it all in and hold with your finger stuffed into the mt. Stick your free hand finger thru the receiver thru the hole that the mt screws into and then into the mt to replace the finger you are now using that is holding the spring in the mt. Then screw on the mt. These tubes do not need a wrench to screw them in. Use your weak hand to screw tight with light to medium pressure. Check where the barrel normally sets to ensure you have the mt screwed in all the way.

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