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"tirod: The AR is a better hunting rifle."

Whether an AR is a better hunting rifle than a bolt action, a more traditional semi-automatic, a pump, a lever action, a double, or a single shot is strictly a matter of opinion, it is not a matter of fact.

"Second, it's detachable, where the next hated feature lies." (Referring to the magazine.)

The capacity of the magazine is obviously an issue to anti-gun people, but the fact that it is detachable has not been a hot topic IMHO in the mainstream media.

"Most "hunting" rifles with less capacity require you to manually cycle the rounds thru the chamber and eject them. That means there is a risk of accidental discharge unloading the gun every time you close the bolt. That is a fact, it happens all the time."

False!!! Most hunting rifles have a magazine that can be unloaded without cycling the rounds through the chamber. Many rifles have detachable magazines. Many have hinged floor plate magazines. Some have a tubular magazine. Doubles and single shot don't require cycling the action, the cartridges are already in the chamber. Finally, there are bolt action rifles with "blind" magazines, i.e., they can only be unloaded from the top. Cycling the action will unload the magazine and some (maybe most or all) can be unloaded by hand from the top without cycling the action.

"Self loading is another hated feature"

Obviously the first cartridge isn't self loading. All semi-automatic firearms self-load the next cartridge after firing the chanbered cartridge. This may be an issue for the most adamant gun haters.

"Therefore, the AR is a more ethical and humane gun." (Based on the fact that a second shot is immediately available.)

Second shot availability distingsuishes the AR only from the single shot rifle.

"Add to that, it's usually in a caliber that matches the game and terrain, and that means less recoil."

What other hunting rifles are not available in a caliber (and cartridge) which matches the game and terrain? What other hunting rifles are not available in more cartidges that the AR? How does a cartridge which matches the game and terrain mean less recoil? Obviously a .30-06 recoils more than a .308 which recoils more than .223/5.56.

"And last - the AR has been the biggest selling firearm to civilians for years now. Hunting is the reason most guns are sold, and AR's are better at it, lighter weight, and work."

Do you have any evidence most ARs are purchased for hunting? Do you have any evidence ARs are better for hunting elk, mule deer pronghorns, sheep, mountain goats, black bear, brown bear, Kodiak bear, moose, mountain lion, African game, New Zealand game?

"[I]t's actually more accurate, more ethical, and safer [than other hunting rifles]. The facts are pretty clear, and trying to defend other choices is usually an attempt to protect social standing or a political ploy. "

I would like to know which of my statement you believe constitute my "attempt to protect social standing or a political ploy."

By the way, I carried the M-16 44 years ago in Vietnam. I think the AR design is terrific, the variations are awesome and the quality of the rifles being made today ranges from just below average to nearly perfect. I do not currently own an AR and must wait for the market to return to normal before I get one (or two). I would like to use an AR for coyote hunting, but I will stick with my bolt action rifles with handloads for hunting big game in North America: elk, bear, whitetail deer, mule deer, and pronghorns.
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