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I used this great opportunity to email my State reps and Senator Casey. Senator Casey sent me a form letter email that directly paralled President Obama's attack on our Second Ammendment rights and the attempt to take away semi-automatic rifles and limit magazines to 10 rounds under the delusion that it will somehow prevent shootings like what happened in Conn. I emailed him again and this is what I told Senator Casey:

Dear Senator Casey; I am a retired Teacher. I taught all levels of students for
32 years and until school zones were made off limits for guns, I had my hunting
gear in my car at school during hunting season including my rifle and/or
revolver to go hunting with other staff and many times my High School students
with no problems EVER! Yes, times have changed. School shootings have gone up
10,000% since schools were made "no gun zones"! By the way, check your facts,
the shooting in Conn. was done with several pistols, not a military assault weapon.
Misinformation is rampent by the anti gunners. The big issue today (pushed hard
by gun control legislators) is to keep all guns out of the hands of felons,
mentally ill people and criminals. Just about everyone agrees on this. The
anti-gun people see the solution is to pass more and more laws and restrictions
on EVERYBODY. This is not necessary! Somehow they feel felons, criminals and
mentally ill people will follow the new rules. If this is true, all we have to
do is agree to all the new laws but with one important exception- all the new
laws only are valid for felons, criminals and mentally ill people. This way,
they get their new laws and the rest of us keep our rights! SIMPLE! If you don't
agree, itsbecause you know criminals will not follow these new laws you want.
Please don't punish me for something I didn't do. Ask the President how his kids
are protected. By laws, or by armed guards?
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