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I have "Speer 13" 1998 that shows 357Sig 125 gr GD 1.135" 14.6 gr AA#9.

Quickload thinks that is 66kpsi and 111% load density.
AA#9 is a ball powder with a high bulk modulus and cannot be compressed that much.

Ramshot Enforcer appears to have some similarities with AA#9:
1) Looks like the same size little balls
2) Looks like the same black color
3) Smells the same
4) It only takes 3.6% more AA#9 to reach the threshold of loose primer pocket in a Tokarev, at one zillion psi according to QL.

So to me, they are the same within the range of what I expect from a canister powder from AA.

If I plug 14.6 gr Enforcer into Quickload, I get 46k psi
I Quickload is right in it's library about Enforcer and wrong about AA#9, then I should reduce that charge by 3.6% to get a better prediction of pressure.

That would be 38.8 kpsi.

357 Sig is SAAMI registered at 40kpsi.
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