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My Diamond Elite from Franchi (back when they sold them) has been fantastic, though it is far from a high-end gun. Considering it was about the same price, it far outpaces the Huglus/Stoegers that are anywhere near the same price point. Now that I know I love O/Us, I'd be more willing to plunk down $1000+ for a nicer gun that will last longer (probably), but toeing the waters for a mere 600 was a wise decision in my mind. FWIW, the interlocking surfaces appeared very similar to the Berettas (I think it was that brand, might have been Benellis) that I looked at, but the finish was simple as opposed to jeweled. Just as tight though. The stock is a clear, straight (i.e. cheap) walnut, but more than functional.

Most importantly, it is accurate in my hands. I had owned a Franchi I-12 semiauto before that I had to windage the heck out of to hit anything, and it only liked full power loads. The Diamond is a laser beam that points like an extension of my body, and "cycles" faster than any semi. Franchi is firmly between Stoeger and Benelli, which I have found means a fully functional gun that has no frills.

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