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At a gun Shop in Aiken SC....

Years ago I traveled all over South Carolina and on occasions had spare time between appointments I would visit gun shops all over South Carolina. I was single and had a decent job that provided a company car and expense account. That was in my rich single days before wife and child.

One gun shop in Aiken South Carolina was a wonder to walk in. Racks and racks on all the walls with rifles from current models to collector rifles. When I visited this gun shop I would determine if the owner's wife was there If she was I would leave and hope she was not there when I returned. She was a hard trader and held the price to the shops favor.

I always enjoyed talking with the owner/gun smith. When his wife was away he and I would chat about hobby. He told me of one of his customers of his would seek the most inaccurate rifle that was in the shop. The customer would buy the rifle and keep it for a time and later bring it back to trade for another rifle of simular reputation of being inaccurate. His hobby was to take the challenge of finding the various modifications and hand loads that would turn that rifle into a extremely accurate rifle.

I would love to do the same today. Thinking about it I imagine that this would not be an expensive hobby especially in turning the rifle back in for another challenge and essentially only needing a few common components.

My opinion of accuracy is more strict than others. I was at a public range the day before deer season began many years ago. One guy that was at the rage used a news paper double page spread open at about 30 yards for his target. He was able to hit his "target" a couple of times and declared it accurate enough for him. His expectation was broader than what I expect. I just do not want to be any where near where that guy hunts.

Oh I married have wife and child and am no longer "rich" except in having a wonderful family. The Lord has blessed me.

Lemmon from Rural South Carolina.
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