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<Solved> Rounds Jamming?

I am REALLY NEW to reloading. I loaded my first 9 rounds the other day. I went to the range today and was going to shoot those rounds to see how they did. But, when i attempted to chamber them in my bolt action, they hung for a sec trying to chamber them, then i had a hard time locking the bolt. As I was concerned about this I didn't fire them. Then I had difficulty getting the bolt back open. I loaded to the correct OAL according to the speer manual, also trimmed cases to the correct length. The rounds are slightly longer then the box set i bought. Also, the box set is crimped were mine are not. Could this be a issue with lack of crimp? any help would be nice. Also, would it be a bad idea to "pull the trigger" on these, or do i need to fix the feeding issue first? I like my face and fingers, and don't wanna risk them over a little bit of time to fix them if need be.

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