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Different products have their place. As Hawg said,
its not a lubricant, its a water displacer which it does very well.
It does. (WD = water displacer hello)! The main active ingrediant in WD is fish oil. It is not a lube or protectant. My dear old Dad loves it and uses it for everything. He sprayed down an antique model 12 shotgun (that belonged to my Grandfather) with it and it was in the family gunsafe for a couple years until I got it out to take it on a hunt. The gun was OK EXCEPT for where he touched it with his hand (around the receiver area) to put it away. His fingerprints along with the WD-40 had rusted and eaten away the bluing where he touched it. It destroyed an otherwise perfect condition antique shotgun.

Everything in it's place gentleman...

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