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My newly purchased Mossberg Maverick 88 only held 3 shells in the tube. I removed the wooden dowel in tube so now it holds a total of 5. Find your shotty on the you-tube an see how to remove yours if that is possible. I like the Maverick for an under the bed shotty. I only take it out from under the bed every couple of month to cycle the ammo to prevent mushrooming and also to check the spring to ensure the last round functions in the cycling process. I clean it every 6 months. I swap my cycled ammo with my son who shoots skeet and he gives me new replacements. Gun stays clean and the ammo shoots fine. For quick reloading practice, you can practice with shotty snap caps. Practice feeding from underneath rolling the round in against the shotty frame and flipping it in with the finger tips. You can find that technique on you tube. You may change from primary storing rounds on the stock and add another storage forward. As you cycle back w/ an empty tube, you can finger another round into your hand to do the above roll in of the round. If you practice a lot, you can get quick enough. I keep a 40 cal as a backup. If you don't have any apartment neighbors or others in the firing line, use at least #4. It will kill wild boar zombies thru sheetrock!!! The lesser stuff may not. There is some nice defense rounds that fires rifled slugs and 3 BB's. It will make that shotty into a Benford 2000 model for sure. Know where your power and water travels thru the walls.
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